Peckish Performance Poultry Layer Pellets 20kg

The Peckish Performance Poultry Layer Pellets are the perfect feed for your laying hens. Specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of laying poultry, these pellets are packed with essential nutrients that will support optimal egg production and overall health.

One of the key features of these pellets is their high protein content. Protein is crucial for laying hens as it provides the building blocks for egg production. The Peckish Performance Poultry Layer Pellets contain a carefully balanced blend of proteins from various sources, ensuring that your hens receive a complete amino acid profile for optimal performance.

In addition to protein, these pellets are also rich in calcium. Calcium is essential for strong eggshells, and a deficiency in this mineral can lead to thin, weak shells that are prone to breakage. The Peckish Performance Poultry Layer Pellets contain a controlled amount of calcium to ensure that your hens have the necessary resources to produce high-quality eggs.

Furthermore, these pellets are fortified with vitamins and minerals to support overall health and wellbeing. Vitamins such as A, D, and E are essential for maintaining healthy feathers, promoting proper bone development, and boosting the immune system. The inclusion of minerals such as zinc and selenium helps to enhance egg quality and ensure that your hens stay in optimal condition.

To ensure that your hens receive the best nutrition possible, the Peckish Performance Poultry Layer Pellets are made with high-quality ingredients. The pellets are carefully formulated using a blend of grains, oilseeds, and other natural ingredients that are sourced from trusted suppliers. These ingredients are then processed using advanced manufacturing techniques to create a pellet that is both palatable and easily digestible for your hens.

Another notable feature of these pellets is their convenient packaging. The Peckish Performance Poultry Layer Pellets are available in a 20kg bag, providing you with a generous supply that will last for an extended period. The bag is made from durable material to ensure that the pellets remain fresh and protected from external elements. The resealable design allows for easy storage, preventing any potential wastage or spoilage.

Not only do these pellets provide excellent nutrition, but they also offer convenience and ease of use. The Peckish Performance Poultry Layer Pellets can be fed directly to your hens, eliminating the need for additional mixing or supplementation. Simply fill your hens' feeders with these pellets, and they will have access to a complete and balanced diet that will support their

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