Optimum Chicken Large Breed Puppy Food 15kg

Optimum Chicken Large Breed Puppy Food 15kg is a premium dog food specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of large breed puppies. Made with real chicken as the main ingredient, this high-quality dog food provides a balanced diet to support your puppy's growth and development.

With a focus on the specific needs of large breed puppies, Optimum Chicken Large Breed Puppy Food contains optimal levels of protein, calcium, and phosphorus. These nutrients are essential for healthy bone and muscle development, as well as supporting the overall growth of your puppy. This formula also includes added glucosamine and chondroitin, which promote joint health and mobility, crucial for large breed puppies that are prone to joint issues.

Optimum Chicken Large Breed Puppy Food is enriched with DHA, which is beneficial for brain and vision development. This essential fatty acid is found in mother's milk and is crucial for the cognitive development of your growing puppy. By including DHA in this formula, Optimum ensures that your puppy receives the necessary nutrients for a healthy brain and good eyesight.

Digestive health is also a priority for Optimum Chicken Large Breed Puppy Food. This formula contains prebiotic fibers, which promote a healthy gut microbiome. A balanced gut flora is essential for proper digestion and nutrient absorption, ensuring that your puppy gets the most out of their food. Additionally, this dog food includes beet pulp, a natural source of dietary fiber that supports healthy digestion and helps maintain optimal stool quality.

Optimum Chicken Large Breed Puppy Food is made with high-quality ingredients and does not contain any artificial colors or flavors. It is also free from wheat, soy, and fillers, making it suitable for puppies with dietary sensitivities. This dog food is carefully crafted to provide a complete and balanced diet for your large breed puppy, meeting all their nutritional needs.

In addition to its nutritional benefits, Optimum Chicken Large Breed Puppy Food is also delicious and palatable. The real chicken flavor appeals to even the pickiest eaters, ensuring that your puppy will enjoy every meal. This dog food has been designed to provide a taste that puppies love, making mealtime a delightful experience for your furry friend.

To ensure the freshness and quality of the product, Optimum Chicken Large Breed Puppy Food is packaged in a 15kg bag. This size is perfect for pet owners who want to stock up on high-quality dog food without having to worry about running out too quickly. The resealable bag helps to keep the food fresh and allows

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