Grain Free Chicken Gravy Kitten Pouch

Our Kitten Grain-Free Chicken gives an effortlessly eatable protein source. Including real chicken in a different formula, the recipe contains very digestible protein elements that mimic your cat's natural need for original meat. The blend of natural food ingredients delivers a distinct smell and full complement of protein encouraging growth and improvement at their early life stage.

The delicious gravy recipe is produced from natural ingredients such as emu oil, pumpkin, coconut, blueberries, and kelp. The Grain-Free Kitten Pouch formula produces a very delicious taste that your kitten will love while delivering to their special nutritional needs. This all-natural, Wet Cat Food recipe produces protein from original meat, blending chicken with broth and gravy for a distinct and delicious eating experience.

This Chicken Gravy Kitten Pouch includes a high real meat inclusion meaning that their natural needs as obligate carnivores are met with a natural grain-free recipe for enhanced gastrointestinal immunity in sensible cats. The Black Hawk Cat Food is tasty, high protein, Australian-made feeds made with healthy, holistic nutrition for your most suitable feline fur-end. The blend of high-quality real ingredients delivers the optimal blend of amino acids, maintaining immune health and metabolic capacities for growing and active kitties.


  • Weight: 85g
  • Item Type: Cat Food 

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