Dog Food Adult Grain Free Chicken 400g

The Grain-Free Chicken formula provides important nutrients from wholesome food experts for a cleaner, healthier diet for your canine. Since this is a grain-free dog food method, pets with sensitive stomachs will be ready to have problem-free metabolism. The chicken in the formula is hormone-free and provides protein to keep your dog’s bones and muscles. This Dog Food has an amusing chicken flavor and includes Emu oil which is usually rich in Omega 3, 6, 7, and 9. Emu oil is also high in protein and holds anti-inflammatory properties.

This 400g Chicken Tray is sufficient as a complete feed by itself, however, it can also be paired with a dry food mix should your dog like wet and dry food. Because this food is holistic, your dog will be getting the benefits of a rich, natural taste while still making all the right nutrients that they need.

The Wet Dog Food is a high-quality, Australian-made, grain-free nutrition for grown-up dogs. This high-quality, grain-free canned food is a great choice for dogs who find a high protein, low fibre diet more convenient to digest. With includes food-grade emu oil, Chicken 400g adds omega fatty acids for healthy skin, and a shiny, shiny coat.


  • Weight: 400g

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