Black Hawk Dog Food Adult Grain Free Chicken 100g

This 100g Chicken Tray is enough as a complete feed by itself, however, it can also be matched with a dry food mix should your dog like wet and dry food. Because this food is holistic, your dog will be receiving the benefits of a delicious, natural taste while still making all the right nutrients that they need. This Dog Food has a delightful chicken flavoring and includes Emu oil which is usually delicious in Omega 3, 6, 7, and 9. Emu oil is also high in protein and includes anti-inflammatory properties.

The Grain-Free Chicken formula gives necessary nutrients from wholesome food experts for a cleaner, healthier diet for your canine. Since this is a grain-free dog food formula, pets with delicate stomachs will be able to have problem-free digestion. The chicken in the formula is hormone-free and contributes protein to maintain your dog’s bones and muscles.

The Wet Dog Food is a premium-quality, Australian-made, grain-free nutrition for adult dogs. This high-quality, grain-free preserved food is an excellent choice for dogs who find a high protein, low fiber diet more comfortable to digest. With includes food-grade emu oil, Chicken 100g includes omega fatty acids for healthy skin, and a shiny, shiny coat.


  • Weight: 100g
  • Item Type: Dog Food 

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