Black Hawk Fish Adult Cat Food 3kg

This high-quality and holistic  Adult Cat Food 3kg contains all-natural elements and zero features, artificial flavors, and colors, and preservatives. It’s the perfect food for your feline needs every day. Black Hawk reduces all the optional ingredients and only provides your pet the essentials so that they play and perform better throughout their daily activities.

 The Original Dry Cat Food contains a line of high-quality food that includes only fresh and nutritious ingredients for better, healthier pets. This Black Hawk Fish adds elements important to the health and wellbeing of your cat. With fish as the main ingredient, this food is delightful in omega 3 fatty acids producing the nutrients wanted for brain and body health. Only the nutritious essentials make up this holistic cat food formula to warrant your furry friend gets the most desirable nutrition possible.

Dry Catfish Food is made with fish meal, salmon meal, rice, vegetable protein, oats, chicken fat, beet paste, canola oil, salt, and so on. This Cat Food blend is created with 32% real meat proteins from Australia-sourced fish, vegetables, and grains and 16% healthy fats and oils. Nutrient-rich and good, this high-quality cat food helps become your pet’s metabolism, healthier skin, make their hair shinier, build and support strong muscles, and more. 


  • Weight: 3kg

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