Advance Hairball Adult Cat Food

ADVANCE CAT HAIRBALL 2KGADVANCE™ Adult Hairball Cat Dry Cat Food is a super-prime food for cats, made with select natural ingredients. Specially made to assist cats with severe hairballs and the relevant symptoms. Fish as #1 ingredient reduces hairballs using beet mash, psyllium husk, and slippery elm barkAssists in delivering healthy skin and a shiny coat with increased zinc benefits dental health and blocks plaqueBoosts immune health with extra levels of Vitamins C and E which increases antioxidantsRecudes litter box odor – the confidence is in the Natural Yucca ExtractSix weeks can make a big difference.

REDUCES HAIRBALLS Natural active constituents Beet Pulp, Psyllium Husk, and Slippery Elm Bark. These fiber roots effectively reduce the frequency of hairballs and their symptoms by aiding the movement of ingested hair gently through the intestinal tract.ADVANCE Hairball Sterilized helps boiled cats to control their weight, reduce the risk of urinary problems, and, thanks to oat fiber and malt extract helps to prevent the creation of hairballs.

DENTAL HEALTH The inclusion of Sodium Tripolyphosphate (STPP) wraps salivary calcium, helping prevent plaque to enhance dental health. If your sterilized cat has quandaries with forming hairballs, it needs nutrition that supports it to prevent hairballs from making and also one that helps to curb the changes in their metabolism that sterilization can cause, such as improved weight, lower excess to glucose, and urinary tract problems.


  • Brand : Advance
  • Flavour : Chicken
  • Product Category: Dry Food
  • Life Stage : Adult
  • weight : 2 kg

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