Advance Chicken Kitten Food

Advance Chicken Kitten food Plus Growth Chicken has been specifically formed to provide the optimal level of vitamins and minerals needed for nursing kittens. High in nutrition. Suitable for kittens (from 2-12 months) and pregnant or lactating women that are in need of protein and fat. To build muscle mass and sense bone structure kittens need food receiving more protein and healthy fatty acids.

They promote healthy skin and a polished and lustrous. Real animal and fish meat for full-bodied tang. Daily feeding is conditional on your kitten's age. Enhanced levels of zinc and linoleic acid help improve skin and coat health. These fibers specialists aid in moving ingested hair lightly through the intestinal tract. Controlled levels of metals help maintain a healthy urinary tract. Advance is specifically designed to improve dental health.

This Super-Premium Kitten food provides 100% complete and steady food to support her overall energy and wellness. Each time you put Purina Pro Plan Focus Chicken & Rice Formula dry kitten food in your cart, you're one action closer to filling her dish with a great taste kitten's love and the nurture she needs to thrive.FOCUS Chicken & Rice Formula has a new look and product name coming soon. May suffer either bag during the transition. 


  • Cat Age: Kitten
  • Product Category : Dry Food
  • FLAVOR : Chicken 

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