Advance Chicken in Jelly Kitten Food

ADVANCE kitten meals are nutritionally complete and balanced, with high taste kittens love. Ensure optimal development and growth. Serves to strengthen the protected system. Certainly, your kitten comes going when it’s time for food. But when you feed them Advance wet food, they’ll break the land speed record going to their bowl. A tasty complete also balanced diet meant for healthy growth and development.

Chicken with Jelly contains succulent chicken chunks in a tempting jelly sauce. It has been developed to promote healthy digestion, with a specific amount of high-quality protein and calcium to support optimal growth, also is fortified with DHA for healthy brain development. Australian-made may kittycat food. Tasty chicken in jelly flavor, Made from high-quality parts with meat from chicken, lamb, and beef including healthy fats and protein.

This super-premium range of wet food is created with all-natural ingredients, selected specifically to help your kitten get the best possible start to life. Chicken In Jelly Plus, it’s absolutely packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants plus so much more. Unique knowledge of the demands of Australian cats sees us sourcing and joining high-quality ingredients to create a variety of specifically tailored foods. Check the box to see how much food you should be feeding your pet. Serving sizes will vary depending on their age, breed, and temperament. Always store fresh and clean water for your pets.


  • Brand : Advance
  • Flavour : Chicken
  • Life Stage : Kitten
  • Life Stage : Adult
  • Product Category : Wet Food

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