Advance Adult Chicken Salmon And Rice Dog Food

The ingredients in Chicken Salmon And Rice include vitamin c and e, beta carotene, taurine, and plant extracts that contain carotenoids. Antioxidants play an essential role in cellular repair and strengthen the immune system in pets. Its patented combination of fermentable fibers acts as a prebiotic, promoting healthy bacteria in the gut to encourage fewer and firmer stools. Reduces the risk of lower urinary tract disease (Ltd), with controlled levels of minerals and high digestibility, to promote the production of increased volumes of slightly acidic urine. In addition to improving skin and coat conditions with its enhanced zinc and linoleic acid levels, it makes your pets look healthier.

Get a healthier solution for any breed of dog with  Chicken, Salmon and Rice formula. You can rest assured this is a healthier choice without colorings or preservatives way to feed your pets, with added nutrients to help strengthen immune systems and maintain urinary tract health. Includes added fiber for easier digestion. The primary ingredients in this Wet Dog Food are chicken, salmon and rice. Real pieces of quality chicken and salmon are a great source of protein and ensure that the taste is irresistible. Rice is included as a complex carbohydrate and it provides your adult dog with all the energy he needs. Convenient to feed and easily digested advanced dog food is a complete meal for your dog.


  • Size: 12 x 700g
  • Product Category: Wet Food
  • Life Stage: Adult

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